6 1/2 Weeks Old (3-6-06)
Alamo x Molly Litter born 1-18-06
Sire: Am. Ch. Citation's Remember the Alamo
Dam: Am. Ch. Copperleigh's Myfunnyvalentine

There are 7 boys and 5 girls:
1 male L/T - 6 male B/T
2 female L/T - 3 female B/T

Practicing Unlacing Shoes - It is An ART!!
GO AHEAD, TAKE THE PICTURE- No I won't smile. 
I THINK, we need a BIGGER BED!!
Hey, you want to play King of the Mountain??
I told you it tasted pretty Good, didn't I?
Now, do you believe we need a bigger BED??
Mommy said, We are being really good today.
One more little push, the Bed will be MINE, ALL MINE!!
Do you think they are going to get in trouble?
We are helping Mommy prune the vines back.
Life, DOESN'T Get much BETTER then a NAP!!
You want me to stop doing what, 
I can't hear you --she has a good set of LUNGS!
I think Mommy is calling us..... 
just pretend you don't hear her and she will go away ....

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