4 Weeks Old (2-22-06)
Alamo x Molly Litter born 1-18-06
Sire: Am. Ch. Citation's Remember the Alamo
Dam: Am. Ch. Copperleigh's Myfunnyvalentine

There are 7 boys and 5 girls:
1 male L/T - 6 male B/T
2 female L/T - 3 female B/T

Life doesn't get much better!! 

You have to be kidding, NO CHEWING?

Helping Mommy, so she learns how to stack us. 

Mommy is afraid I am going to POP, NOT!!!

I am cute, RIGHT.... (giggling...)

SLEEP, EAT, PLAY, ... this here is SLEEP!!!

MOMMY, he is smashing my FACE!!! 

It is your turn to be my pillow, you are so SOFT!!! 


You want to know a SECRET?? 

I am really starting to look like GRANDPA TUBA - RIGHT?

This is MY BEAR, he is big and 
this ribbon has got to GO..

What does this say?

It SAYS, We are to "WIPE OUR PAWS"!! 

Can't a guy get any privacy here?? How embarrassing ...
Next thing I know you will making fun of me 
when I am backing into the weeds to do my big job... 

You want me to SMILE,
you are lucky I am sitting here looking pretty ... 

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