Welcome to Ghost Hollow Hounds
 Emily E. Williams 
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Alamo and Molly wish their kids: 6 sons and 5 daughters a
Happy 2nd Birthday
(born January 18, 2006)

Cleo (major pointed Ghost Hollow's Unbridled) watching her sister,
Mai Mai (Ch. Ghost Hollow's Glorious Song) and brother, Mickey Moose 
(Ghost Hollow's Native Dancer) playing bitey face. 
Mommy still doesn't have a bed 
big enough for us all to sleep on. Nor, is there
ever seem to be enough pillows. 

UPDATES: Where, oh where, did they all GO:

Mai Mai (Ch. Ghost Hollow's Glorious Song)

Cleo (major pointed Ghost Hollow's Unbridled)

and stay-at-home Mickey Moose (Ghost Hollow's Native Dancer)
lives with Molly and her humans in Arkansas.

Willie (Ch. Ghost Hollow's Spectacular Bid) owned by Leslie Griffith living in Missouri

 Una (CA Ch. Ghost Hollow's Copper Mist) owned by Sharon Danforth and living in Canada

Winston (Ghost Hollow's Touch Gold) owned by Burt Crawford and living in Michigan

Copper (Ghost Hollow's Copper Princess) owned by Charlotte and Terry McDonald Nova Scotia

Zeke (Ghost Hollow's Easy Goer) owned by Roger and Dorothy Vietello, PA

Gunnar (Ghost Hollow's Black Prince) owned by Kevin Willet Nova Scotia

Casey (Ghost Hollow's Black Gold) owned by Ron Pond Yukon

Isabella (Ghost Hollow's Real Delight) owned by Charles Young Chicago, IL

Tank (Ghost Hollow's Charismatic) owned by Camille McArdle, DVM and Emily Williams

Tank - Ghost Hollow's Charismatic

With considerable sadness Tank died on December 22, 2007, 
just shy of his championship and his second birthday.

Tank's name of "Charismatic" would explain it all.

Baby pictures
Go here to see the most recent pictures at 14 weeks old.

6 male B/T, 1 male L/T
3 female B/T, 2 female L/T