Pedigree for : ALAMO X MOLLY
Registered Name: _______________
Registered Number: _____________
Breed: Bloodhound
Date of Birth: January 18, 2006
Sex:Male or Female
Colors/Markings: Black and Tan or Liver and Tan
Breeder: Emily Williams
Sire: CH. Remember the Alamo
AKC# HM98974705
(B/T)  CHIC 
CH. Springbuk's Basso Profundo
HM65436404 (L/T) CHIC 
CH. Sherjac's British Sterling
HD744750  (B/T) 
CH. Barilla Berlioz
HD085551 06-84 (United Kingdom) (B/T) 
CH. Sherjac's Ma Barker
HD370843  (B/T) 
CH. Springbucks Dash of Nutmeg HM424701/03  (L/T)  CH. Tracersown Hylbillies Arlo
HD663529 (B/T) 
CH. Hylbillie's Springbruk Truffle HD808622 (L/T)
CH. Citation Tracersown Ruffian HM735835/01 ( B/T) CHIC CH. Roclin's Image Of Pinehollow HD071696 (B/T)  CH. Roclin's High Noon Of Witsend HC813344 (B/T) 
CH. Roclin's Hot Pepper Of Selanky HC688816 (B/T) 
CH. Tracersown Deputy's Citation HM513916/02 (B/T)   CH. Tracersown Mc Gruf Bothswain HD475108 (B/T) 
CH. Tracersown Whimsey Of York HM399945/01 (B/T) 
Dam: CH. Copperleigh's Myfunnyvalentine
a.k.a. Molly 
AKC # HN00154601

CH. Shericks Gibraltr O'Churchil HM68828601 (B/T) CHIC 
CH. Judiciary's Big EZ OF Sherick HM359169/03 (B/T)  Am/Can CH. Sherick's Tobias HRTLND Pride HD576170 (L/T)
CH. The Judiciary's Amicus Curiae HD508333 (B/T) 
 CH. Churchils Flintjulip O SHK HD798749 (B/T)  CH. Shericks Walter of Churchil HD228741 (B/T) 
Churchils Sinsational Sable HD365936 (B/T)
Am/Can CH. Nimrods Koka Kola Klassic  HM65753703 (B/T) CHIC  Am/Can/Int CH. Heatherís Nimrod Stew Unplugged CGC  HM52468201 (L/T)  Am/Can CH. Willabee's Abram of Nimrod  HD817400 (B/T)
Am/Can CH. Rainbos True Color of Nimrod Am/Can CD CGC ICT HM34387008 (L/T)
Am/Can CH. Nimrod Frankies Tootntootsie HM29349601 (B/T) 
Am/Can CH. Nimrod's Frankie CDX TD Can CD HC979315  (B/T)
Manors Lily of the Valley  HD616189  (B/T)