8 Plus Weeks Old (4-3-06)
Alamo x Molly Litter born 1-18-06
Sire: Am. Ch. Citation's Remember the Alamo
Dam: Am. Ch. Copperleigh's Myfunnyvalentine

There are 7 boys and 5 girls:
1 male L/T - 6 male B/T
2 female L/T - 3 female B/T

Where we left off a couple weeks ago. Mom still doesn't see the need to get a bigger bed for us .... 
"has anyone seen the cat lately?" 
I PENNED MOMMY DOWN... just kiddin' Mom... 
Boxes do make the best CHEW TOYS every... 
CUDDLE Time with my Human Mom... is the best time. 
"What did you say Mommy, you want me to get DOWN, .... yeah, that makes me sorta of sad..." 
Sorry, Mommy, but I have to defend the logs and my position of King of the logs for at least now... 
come on guys give it your best shot... 
What a nice day to stretch out in the grass!!! 
Wow, that is a big dog... I think we will stop barking at him, now.
First it was figuring out how to go out the doggie door; then learning how to go down steps without losing our dinner or teeth; now it is walking across the plank to play.. I think someone called it an obstacle course, you would think we were being prepared to join the army now. 
I DID IT.... 
I made it across the plank and 
now I can sit and watch the rest of them try to do it... 
"You want my dandelion? I picked it just for YOU..." 
I give you the next one, this one tastes mighty fine. 
 Pure magic, hear puppy, come running, 
and these treats just show up... 
I am to eat a cookie, stand still and keep my feet just right and do what else???? HOLD MY TAIL UP-- you are kidding??? 
Mommy, come roll in the grass with me. PLZ. 
Mommy, people will think I have pink eyes... can you give it a break and help me defend my FORT, PLEASE. 

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